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Find Kubernetes resources that have been deprecated

Pluto is a utility to help users find deprecated Kubernetes apiVersions (opens new window) in their code repositories and their helm releases.

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# Purpose

Kubernetes sometimes deprecates apiVersions. Most notably, a large number of deprecations happened in the 1.16 release (opens new window). This is fine, and it's a fairly easy thing to deal with. However, it can be difficult to find all the places where you might have used a version that will be deprecated in your next upgrade.

You might think, "I'll just ask the api-server to tell me!", but this is fraught with danger. If you ask the api-server to give you deployments.v1.apps, and the deployment was deployed as deployments.v1beta1.extensions, the api-server will quite happily convert the api version and return a manifest with apps/v1. This is fairly well outlined in the discussion in this issue (opens new window).

So, long story short, finding the places where you have deployed a deprecated apiVersion can be challenging. This is where pluto comes in. You can use pluto to check a couple different places where you might have placed a deprecated version:

  • Infrastructure-as-Code repos: Pluto can check both static manifests and Helm charts for deprecated apiVersions
  • Live Helm releases: Pluto can check both Helm 2 and Helm 3 releases running in your cluster for deprecated apiVersions

# Kubernetes Deprecation Policy

You can read the full policy here (opens new window)

Long story short, apiVersions get deprecated, and then they eventually get removed entirely. Pluto differentiates between these two, and will tell you if a version is DEPRECATED or REMOVED